Welcome to Crane Planes

This website is dedicated the design, building, and test flying of the J-5DC "Crane Fly" prototype aircraft.  In a couple of years, once the J-5DC prototype is proven to be safe and efficient, I plan on selling kits and flyable aircraft under the company name, Crane Planes.  I believe that I can sell this aircraft, complete with a fuel injected engine and full graphical EFIS system, for about $25,000.

I also have an idea for a custom trailer / hangar that can be used to transport the airplane then set up like a pop-up camper to be used as a semi-permanent hangar.  I think I can produce the trailer / hangar for around $10,000.

 As I am currently doing this as a hobby (obsession), progress is slow and intermittent.  I might have the prototype flying in 2014 and plan on "tweaking" the design for a number of years following.  Eventually, I plan on having 3 prototypes;  the original, one with an electric engine, and an amphibious model.

  • Airplane details can be found on the Specifications page. 
  • My progress on the prototype can be found on the Progress page.
  • The photo gallery has lots of pictures on the original and prototype aircraft. 
  • For questions or concerns, e-mail me.  My contact information is on the Contact Page.
My progress can be seen on my FaceBook Page: